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Ginkgo is co producing for Torbay Culture the Eyeview cultural programme which forms part of Torbay’s Great Place Scheme. Through Eyeview - a series of site-specific commissions, participatory projects and community actions is running throughout 2019 - Torbay Culture is supporting artists and communities to animate and re-imagine Torbay’s culture and heritage. Building from the ground up, a thread of new stories, conversations and projects will gather people together, animating key heritage assets and platforming new work in collaboration with local, regional and national partners.

Building on the spirit of exchange and dialogue, we aim to catalyse the emergence of new work and ways of thinking, nurturing a solid base from which the energy of our cultural sector can grow. Underpinning this is embedded support and capacity-building to layer culture into our developing sense of place of Torbay.

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