Star of Caledonia

Artist(s): Charles Jencks, Andy Goldsworthy, Cecil Balmond
Client: The Gretna Landmark Trust

Star of Caledonia is a multiple installation of art and design being created to celebrate a historic border, the border between Scotland and England.   The project has recently gained planning consent and we are seeking further funding for construction.

Star of Caledonia

It is a project of form and landscape, and is the result of a fully integrated collaborative effort between Cecil Balmond and Charles Jencks. Charles Jencks describes the work:

“ The Star was born out of an idea by Balmond to capture the powerful energy, scientific heritage and magnetic pull of Scotland. Balmond’s design pays particular homage to Scottish innovation and particularly James Clerk Maxwell, the pre-eminent Scottish physicist, and mathematician noted for his groundbreaking work in electromagnetic theory. It was Maxwell who first said that light was energy and paved the way for Einstein and the other great thinkers of our modern world. ”

The Star of Caledonia” is a landform and sculpture by Cecil Balmond and Charles Jencks. Located near to the M74 Motorway and the West Coast main rail line, it’s grandeur and presence will welcome visitors from the South and announce arrival in Scotland. The work explores Scotland’s cultural, environmental and natural identity, while acting as an example of Scottish’s achievements in design and science.

Working closely with the creative director and the creative team, Ginkgo’s sister social enterprise  company Wide Open is producing the project for the Gretna Landmark Trust.

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