New South Glasgow Hospitals

Artist(s): Architect/Landscape Architect:

New South Glasgow Hospitals is the largest capital healthcare project in the UK and forms the keystone within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s (NHSGGC) Modernisation Strategy. The hospitals provide new state of the art healthcare facilities and high quality designed environments for a significant proportion of the population of Glasgow, and in some fields, for Scotland.


The project brings together Children’s and Adult Acute services with existing Maternity, Neo-natal and Neurosciences services on one campus. It has the biggest critical care complex and one of the biggest Emergency Departments in Scotlandproviding abrand new 14-floor adult hospital with 1,109 beds. The new children’s hospital, with a separate identity and entrance, adjoins the adult hospital, with 256 beds over five storeys.

Ginkgo’s evidence-based programme for the Therapeutic Design and Arts strategy has sought to enhance the patient experience and journey through developing creative processes and works of art and design that aim to connect patients, staff and visitors to the hospital’s social cultural and environmental context. Working closely within the project design team, Ginkgo Projects has developed a programme which promotes patient dignity and distraction through exploring social, cultural and environmental connections. The strategy was produced in collaboration with two artists Donald Urquhart and Will Levi Marshall. Seven core projects were commissioned resulting in over 600 individual works of art. The approach has been to integrate work that provides as much impact as possible within key navigation points, waiting and treatment areas.

Ginkgo Projects working with Gillespies (masterplanners and landscape designers) and Nightingales (architects and interior designers), are contracted by Brookfield Multiplex developed and delivered the Therapeutic Design and Arts Strategy for the New South Glasgow Hospitals.

The 100 Flowers Collection film by filmaker Ruth Carslaw and curated by Clare Philips depicts the journey f the formation of the collection.  Over 70 artists contributed by making new works for the collection which is installed across the new buildings. Graham Fagen, James Winnett and collaborators Hanna Tuulikki and Alec Finlay each made a series of ten works; thirty works were selected through Open Competition; thirty works were selected from work by people who participated in artists’ residencies (through Art in Hospitals, Plantation Productions and with Gorbals Youth Cafe). Ten existing works were purchased from artists and galleries.

Further information on the New South Glasgow Hospitals can be found here.
A clip from STV news: 22nd March 2015: A look inside the new Royal Hospital for Sick Children