Hengrove Park Art Plan

Architect/Landscape Architect:

A strategy to support a planning application by Bristol City Council for the infrastructure works for Hengrove Park (Phase 1). Hengrove Park is the largest regeneration site in Bristol, and Phase 1 is planned as a mixed-use development that will include a Community Hospital, Skills Academy, and Leisure Centre for South Bristol.


The strategy was developed in collaboration with White Design (a Bristol-based design practice), who worked with local visual artist and filmmaker Amy Feneck on undertaking a creative approach to research for the strategy.

This research helped to develop a creative rationale that expressed how artists and designers could work at Hengrove Park, and outlined three projects. One of these projects ‘Parkspace’ was further developed by Lead Artist Simon Watkinson (collaborating with the design team) to form concepts that express how this project may be realised. The other Projects ‘Changing Spaces, Active Spaces’, and ‘Connected Skills’ outline approaches to commissioning temporary projects and events, as well as engaging local people in creating artwork for the new site.