Dart Marina River Garden

Client: Dart Marina Hotel

Our challenge was to turn an area of open, windy, grey tarmac into a garden that links the hotel to the river so as to give hotel residents a space in which to enjoy the stunning panorama and activity of the estuary.

The main open space is a level lawn terrace that creates a 0.6 metre level change with the existing river terrace paving. Towards the restaurant a raised terrace of perennial planting provides a colourful back drop to the relatively large expanse of lawn . By contrast the seating bays on the other side of the sloped timber walkway are small and intimate spaces that step down more gradually to meet the river terrace.

Dart Marina

Intimacy is created by evergreen hedges, domed topiary, evergreen oaks and perennial planting. Materials have been chosen that seek to blend and match in with the surrounding palette of hard surfacing. Low level white light safety lighting illuminates the decked path and each tree will be gently up lit providing safe access for marina users and an active view for restaurant diners at night.

The garden has been designed for all year round use and enjoyment using in pallet of plants that will provide both seasonal and all year round interest. A cockle shell mulch provides an unusual and distinctive approach to providing a foil for the planting.

Ginkgo worked with Roundfield to design and deliver the garden.