Kings Square Artist commissions

Kings Square Artist commissions


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Closing date: 12th April

Two opportunities are being promoted through the portal, reference details as below.

Project ID:               DN398650
Project title:            Artist Appointment
Client:                        Gloucester City Council
Portal:                       Supplying The South West

As a key part of the re development of Kings Square in Gloucester, a programme of cultural commissions has been developed by Ginkgo Projects to provide a canvas for the activation of Kings Square through formal and informal cultural programming and orchestration. The programme will embed cultural intelligence and creativity into the public realm, engaging stakeholders, residents and visitors so that they can play an active role in bringing Kings Quarter to life.

The programme consists of both permanent, integrated work and temporary projects predominantly based within Kings Square itself but extending out into the wider scheme.  Two opportunities are currently being offered.

Lot 1: Sculptural edge. This is a permanent, integrated work that will define the edge of the square and impart a sense of uniqueness and quality.  The work will take the form of a series of sculptural forms located along the boundary that will also provide seating, tree surrounds and climb-able elements of informal play around the square.  Works value circa £375,000 to 400,000 ex vat including fees.  Concept design to be completed by the end of June 2019

Lot 2: Creative Lighting. This commission is for a striking lighting design and activation that will bring to life and reshape the Kings Square at night.  It is expected that an innovative approach will focus on activity within the Kings Square and create a dramatic and flexible platform on which other creative activity can take place.  Works value circa £200,000 -275,000 ex vat including fees.  Concept design to be completed by the end of June 2019.

Apply through tender portal but short project outline below.



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