‘Conversations Between Floods’

  • 'Conversations between Floods' Newspaper

As part of the wider Art on the Exe project Tania Kovats has been delivering a single edition newspaper to households and businesses bordering the Exeter Valley Parks exploring the politics, policies, impacts and potential solutions that surround flooding: a complex, long term problem in Exeter.

A special public event, ‘EXE: Conversations Between Floods’, will be held on 10th November, providing a chance to discuss issues raised by the project and hear a range of speakers including the commissioned artists, photographer Matilda Temperley, author Jeremy Purseglove as well as ecologists, scientists and engineers.

Book your place at the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/exe-conversations-between-floods-tickets-37882472495?aff=eac2

Kovats has a particular focus on the poetic and psychological nature of water as a connective element in the landscape, in conjunction with environmental and cultural concerns. For this project Kovats has focused her research on how rivers form the identities and histories of the places they run through, and determine their futures. She sees water as the element that has our human histories and stories flowing through it. Flooding disasters have always been part of the story of living close to water. Kovats has spent time researching the flood stories of the river Exe and this forms the content of the new work she is making for her commission.


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